EETHAL strives to empower the underprivileged youth of the world by improving their education using technology and language training. By helping them acquire specific language skills, we attempt to unlock their potential by having them learn naturally and access world class educational materials and high quality information that are freely available online. On the flip side, EETHAL also strives to enable first generation youth in developed countries to connect with their native roots better by learning and practicing their mother tongue for practical purposes.

EETHAL Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, incorporated in the USA. Our Tax ID is 93-2334788

Teen volunteers who received the Presidential Voluntary Service Awards for 2022


There are already a number of great organizations working to improve education. Why do we need yet another organization instead of joining an existing one and help them with their mission?

Languages are more than just a tool for human communication. They are also a means by which one can:

In many parts of the Non-English speaking world, children are required to have bilingual skills to compete with the rest of the world. This can be accomplished by:

On the other side of the coin, EETHAL foundation also strives to impart native language skills to children growing up outside of their mother country. Having these children acquire native language skills help them:

By its unique structure, EETHAL attempts to satisfy these dual objectives of empowering underprivileged children as well as exposing children in privileged environments to their roots at the same time via hands-on programs.

What do we do?

EETHAL Foundation is currently (as of Aug 2023) running the following programs:

Under both of these programs, we attempt to apply the right language under the right circumstances. This means

Our goal is to come up with a model that all communities can use to connect their people with their own worldwide origins.

What does EETHAL mean?

EETHAL (ஈதல்) is a Tamil word that means "Giving". At EETHAL foundation, our volunteers give their time, skills and other resources towards the goals of our programs.


EETHAL also stands as an acronym for Education and Empowerment THrough Applied Languages, which captures our intention of using languages as a tool for social betterment.